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Our Drinks

All of our drinks are made with fresh juices, and great quality spirits. Our bartenders are skilled in making the perfect cocktail for any tastes. Not sure what to try? All of our house cocktails reflect the season and local herbs and flavors.

We offer wide variety of beers on tap that rotate weekly! We curate the best beers from the local craft brewers, and top rated beers from around the country. Each week you will be able to choose from eight unique beers each week.

Our wine list has something for every pallet level. We strive to pair our wines with our dinner menu to bring out the best flavors in our food. Our goal is to find great wine from family owned vineyards that put the same passion into their wine making as we do in our food.

Our spirit selection has everything to make the perfect cocktail. Sometimes the only needed to make the perfect cocktail is a glass and a well-made spirit. We house a variety of high quality bourbons, tequilas, rums and vodkas, which are great neat, on ice, or mixed in a cocktail.

If you’re a person that love great food and is looking for the perfect pairing, please ask any of our knowledgeable staff.

Signature cocktails

Super Fresh Margarita – $10

Fresh squeezed lime juice agave, herradura tequila,
And triple sec

Scallywag $9

Gosling’s dark rum,
Lime juice, pineapple juice, hibiscus syrup,
Habanero bitters

Boston Sour $10

Bulleit bourbon, Simple syrup,lemon juice,
Egg whites, port wine

Aloe-Ha $9

Titos vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup,
aloe juice, Cucumber

Chunky Mai Tai $10

Bacardi banana rum, Goslings dark rum,
lime juice, pineapple, orange juice, orgeat,
House-made cream

Black Lavender Polma $9

Herradura tequila, lime juice, grapefruit juice,
blackberry lavender syrup, Topped with soda

Watermelon Sangria $9

(White sangria)
House-made sangria mix Topped with lemon soda


Life’s A Peach $9

Peach vodka, St. Germaine
rose syrup, lemon

Espresso Martini $10

Van Gogh double espresso, Van Gogh chocolate, Kahlua,
Tuaca, and fresh espresso

Triple Berry Martini $9

Vl Triple Berry, Blue Curacao, lime, cranberry

Spring Fling $9

Hendrix gin, Grapefruit juice, St. Germaine,
simple syrup, lime juice, cucumber

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon Glass Bottle
Coastal Vines- Sonoma, CA $7 $22
J. Lohr-San Luis Obispo, CA

$9 $32
Smith &hook – central cost, ca

Pinot Noir Glass Bottle
Angeline – Santa Rosa, CA $6 $32
Point north – Willamette, OR $12 $40
Chianti Glass Bottle
Chianti Superior- Tuscany, Italy $9 $32
Merlot Glass Bottle
Josh Cellars, Lake County, CA $12 $40
Salmon creek – Sonoma, CA $8 $28
Red zinfandel Glass Bottle
St. Francis – Sonoma, CA $15 $56
Malbec Glass Bottle
Viu manent – Colchagua Valley, CL $6 $32
Bordeaux Glass Bottle
Chatteau Sigognac – Bordeaux, FRANCE $42
Red Blend Glass Bottle
Paxis-Lisboa Portugal $8 $28
Shiraz Glass Bottle
Victoria Australia $9 $32

White Wine

Chardonay Glass Bottle
Coastal Vine – Sonoma, CA $7 $24
Clamtbake – Santa Lucia, CA $10 $38
Pinot Grigio Glass Bottle
Salmon creek – Sonoma, CA $8 $28
White Knight- Sonoma, CA

$9 $34
Expedition -Columbia Valley, WA $10 $38
Savignon Blanc Glass Bottle
Two oOceans – Central Cost, ZA $8 $28
The Oyster – Sonoma, CA $11 $38
Riesling Glass Bottle
Kung Fu Girl – Ancient Lakes, WA $8 $28
White Zinfandel Glass Bottle
Coastal Vines – Sonoma, CA $7 $24
Rose Glass Bottle
Bieler Sabine – Providence, FRANCE $9 $32

Moscato Glass Bottle
Poquitos Valentino – Valencia, ES $9 $32
Port Glass Bottle
Donna Antonia-de Gaia, PT $9

The Good Stuff

2oz Pour
Romana Sambuca $8
Grand Marnier $9
Makers $9
Makers46 $11
Johnny Walker(black) $11
]ohnny Walker (gold) $13
Mccallan (12yr) $12
Glenlivet(l2yr) $10
Glenlivet(l5yr) $13
Glendalough Irish Whiskey $12
Chivas Regal $12

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